Classic Films

The Miracle Woman (August 7, 1931) Synopsis A minister’s daughter, Florence, frustrated and disillusioned by the hypocrisy she sees in others of her faith, becomes a celebrity preacher to con people out of money. A developing relationship with a blind man makes her reconsider her choices. Thoughts Growing up as a minister’s daughter myself, I […]

Facts & Trivia

Jimmie the Raven Jimmie the Raven is an actual, real life bird (there’s some debate as to whether he is a crow or a raven–he’s been credited as both), that according to reports appeared in over 1,000 films from the 1930s through the 1950s including The Wizard of Oz. Frank Capra cast him in You […]

Classic Films

It Happened One Night (February 23, 1934) Synopsis An heiress and a newspaper reporter find themselves thrown together on a cross-country road trip and find their initial antagonism morphing into affection.   Thoughts  I love romantic comedies so much that now I’m kicking myself for not looking back in the archives sooner. This movie was […]

The Films of Jimmy Stewart

It’s a Wonderful Life (December 1946) In late 1945, Colonel James M. Stewart returned to Los Angeles. He hadn’t made a movie in five years. The one he chose to reintroduce himself to audiences was It’s a Wonderful Life, directed by his old colleague Frank Capra. Both men had spent the last few years immersed in […]