Classic Films

It Happened One Night (February 23, 1934) Synopsis An heiress and a newspaper reporter find themselves thrown together on a cross-country road trip and find their initial antagonism morphing into affection.   Thoughts  I love romantic comedies so much that now I’m kicking myself for not looking back in the archives sooner. This movie was […]

Old-Timey Radio

Plays for Americans: “Letter at Midnight” (March 15, 1942) Throughout the war, radio networks dedicated some of their time and production facilities to the government to air programming in support of the war effort. (More about that below in regards to the CBS’s Victory Theater production of “The Philadelphia Story.”) NBC, doing their part, aired […]

The Films of Jimmy Stewart

Wife Vs. Secretary (February 28, 1936) Synopsis A woman, Mrs. Stanhope, due to the meddling of her mother-in-law and random strangers, begins suspecting that her husband is having an affair with his secretary, Whitey. When she expresses her fears, it puts the thought in his mind, leading to a rift in the relationship that wasn’t […]