The Films of Jimmy Stewart

Magic Town (October 7, 1947)


A public opinion pollster finds a single town that perfectly reflects the demographic breakdowns–and thus the opinions–of the entire nation. He tries to milk the town for all its worth without letting the citizens find out how unique they are. Word gets out, however, and the magic of the town is destroyed.

The romantic leads never kiss! It’s a romantic comedy and they never kiss! Okay, so that’s not unheard of. There’s no kiss in It Happened One Night, for one, but still! There was a dramatic almost-kiss and tons of tension, and all we get at the end is their hands reaching for each other through crowds of happy people. Come, on! They get to kiss in a radio adaptation, for goodness sake, and not even in the end–halfway through where the fake-out happens in the movie. They even kiss in the poster! *eye roll* I feel jipped. 

At least there’s a kitten…

Beyond that, this movie was interesting to watch after the election with all the talk of public opinion and trying to find the best way to determine it. It was even more interesting in a radio adaptation which aired over a year after the film had been released and opened with an amusing little reference to the Truman/Dewey presidential election. In that election all polls showed that Thomas Dewey was a shoo-in only for him to lose on election night by a substantial margin (sound familiar?). It’s nice to know nothing has changed in 70 years.

Favorite Scene
Jimmy Stewart played drunk better than just about anyone, and he’s got a fun drunk scene here, shushing everyone around him when his friend is trying to get him to quiet down.

Worth Watching?
Not really, but it’s not bad. It’s a 5/10. Right smack in the middle.


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