Classic Films

Nothing Sacred (November 25, 1937)


A screwball comedy about a woman who thinks she’s going to die and then takes advantage of people’s pity and a free trip to NYC, even after learning she’s completely healthy.

I loved the opening title cards. I can’t imagine many stars today would like being caricatured in such a way, (or the studios would even think to do it), but I love it.

This movie, unexpectedly, is in color. Color tended to be saved for big spectacles rather than small little romantic comedies. It’s interesting to see the use of color. Everything has a bit of a brown hue and everything is a little washed out. It’s not like technicolor fantasy films like The Wizard of Oz.

I didn’t love this film. I had a hard time sympathizing with just about anyone, and I like sympathizing with people. I need to find a good Carole Lombard film to watch. I enjoyed her in Made For Each Other, and I know she was known for comedy, but this film just didn’t cut it for me.

Worth Watching?
Meh. 4/10


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