The Films of Jimmy Stewart

The Man Who Knew Too Much (June 1, 1956)

The works of Hitchcock have always freaked me out a bit, but after watching this I realize that either the movies aren’t all as creepy as I suspected, or I’m less sensitive than I was in my younger years.

This movie was actually a lot of fun. It was suspenseful but not overly creepy and there were plenty of comedic moments to keep things light and airy. I could see myself watching more Hitchcock films in the future. Although I doubt I’ll ever watch Psycho. *shudder*

Favorite Scene
Certainly not the scene where he drugs his wife What was the point of that? Just to add some edge? So we can realize that nobody is all good? (Except maybe Doris Day. I don’t remember her doing anything terrible.) It’s made even worse by the fact that right after he does it he gets frustrated with her for not getting out of bed so they can start chasing after their kidnapped son. Well, duh, doctor. You just gave her some sort of sedative. Make up your mind!

Anyway, favorite scene: Doris Day singing “Que Sera” at the top of her lungs to let her son know she was there and to encourage him to make his whereabouts known. I had no idea that song was from this movie, but I dig it.

Also, the famous scene at the Royal Albert Hall that features tons of action and only the grand sounds of the orchestra is pretty awesome.

Worth Watching?


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