The Films of Jimmy Stewart

You Gotta Stay Happy (October 28, 1948)

A pilot gets caught up in all sorts of strange shenanigans on a cross-country flight after he tries to help an unhappy young bride on her wedding night.

Here Mr. Stewart plays a character more similar to his role in It’s a Wonderful World: a guy saddled with an eccentric hanger-on whom he eventually falls for. He spends most of the film being an irascible man who begrudgingly accepts the various fates that befall him. He is not an actor, but a reactor. In his best roles (particularly the more comedic ones) he is much more of an actor who takes more control over his fate. He pursues a particular goal, and although he doesn’t always achieve it, he goes down kicking (like in The Philadelphia Story, Vivacious Lady, or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). I prefer him in those types of roles. Where he smiles more and has a quiet almost cocky confidence. He’s not as charming when he’s playing Mr. Crabby-Pants.

While I did enjoy this film, it wasn’t my favorite, and that’s partly because it features a Jimmy that is more removed from the Jimmy I fell in love with. 😦

Favorite Scene
The attempts to get a chimp to smoke a cigar. The fact that it was a major point in a film amuses me greatly. I just hope the chimp was treated respectfully, and he didn’t suffer too many ill effects from smoke inhalation.

Worth Watching?
Meh. 4/10

Fun Fact
The jacket Mr. Stewart wears throughout the film is his own jacket that he wore throughout the war.


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